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Italian language courses for international students

The Language Centre (CLA) provides Italian language courses for international students attending the university.

Who is eligible to attend these courses?

The Italian language courses are available to:

  • international exchange students at Bologna University on programmes such as Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, Overseas etc.;
  • international students enrolled at Bologna University, who attend one of the following courses: a ‘Laurea’ (First cycle degree), a ‘Laurea Magistrale’(Second cycle degree or Single cycle), a PhD, Specialization schools, ‘Master Universitari’ (Vocational programmes), an ‘Alta Formazione’ course or a single course;
  • other students admitted on the basis of special agreements.

Enrolment fees

The first course is free for International Students attending Bologna University, except for those enrolled on ‘Master universitari’ and ‘Alta Formazione’ courses.

The costs are as follows:

1. International students who participate in exchange programmes (Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, Overseas, etc)

  • first course, € 0,00
  • second course, € 210,00

2. International students enrolled at the University of Bologna on a ‘Laurea’, ‘Laurea Magistrale’, PhD, single course or in Specialization Schools:

  • first course, € 0,00
  • second course, € 210,00
  • the second course costs € 150.00 for students who were exempt from paying tuition fees (even partially) for the previous academic year prior to enrolling in the CLA course.

3. European volunteers:

  • Unibo volunteers, € 0,00
  • Other volunteers, € 150,00

4. Students enrolled on a ‘Master’ or ‘Alta Formazione’ courses, € 210,00

5. Students from 'institutions who have special agreements with the University‘ (Conservatorio di Musica Bruno Maderna di Cesena), € 210,00

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