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CLA Bologna – Italian courses for international students - AY 2017/2018


How to enrol in a course

Important dates

ECTS credits


22/02/2018: There are no further places available at the Language Centre for any Italian courses starting this term.

Second Semester

Extensive courses (26 February  – 8 June)

  • A2 – elementary
  • B1 – intermediate
  • B2 - post-intermediate

Course length:  50 hours   2 hours per day, 2 days per week.

There will be no A1 (beginners) courses

How to enrol in a course

To enrol in a course, students must have their Unibo credentials to access the online test:

Students who do not yet possess a username and password should register here.

To enrol in an Italian course you must:

  1. Do the online test
  2. Register online for the oral test by choosing a day and time from the dates available. These tests will take place in Bologna.
  3. Take the oral test
  4.  Enrol online in your course and (if required) pay for it following the online procedure. The course you enrol in will depend on the level you obtain in the tests and the availability of places.


  • If you have already attended a course and want to enrol in another (paid) course, you must retake the online test
  • If you miss the first four lessons of a course and do not inform the administration or your class teacher in advance, you will lose your place in the course

Important dates

Second Semester

  • Extensive courses

Registration for the online test and oral test:  from noon (12:00) on 8 January – 10 February 2018 on a first come first served basis.

Oral tests:   12 – 16 February 2018.

Course enrolment:  22 February 2.00 pm to 26 February 2.00 pm.

ECTS Credits

Students who attend an Italian language course are awarded 5 ECTS credits. Students who attend a second course will be awarded a further 5 ECTS credits only if the course is at a higher CEFR level.

To be awarded credits you must have:

  • attended at least 70% of the classroom lessons
  • passed the final test.

One ECTS credit corresponds to 25 hours of work by the student (including homework, lessons, etc).

The result of the end-of-course test will be expressed as idoneo or non idoneo (Pass or Fail); no marks or percentages will be given.

The course will be entered automatically in the student's Transcript of Record by the administrative office.


Students can print a copy of the course certificate in the section “Certificates and self-certifications”.

In evidenza

Versione Italiana.
Corsi offerti e modalità di iscrizione.
Enrolement in your course - Extensive Courses February 2018
from 14.00 pm 22/02/2018 to 14.00 pm 26/02/2018.
Print Italian course certificate
Students can print a copy of the course certificate in the section “Certificates and self-certifications”.


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