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International courses and certification

Those admitted will be assigned to the course corresponding to their placement test result and, on successful completion of the course, will be eligible to take the IELTS Academic test.

AlmaEnglish courses

Depending on their placement test level, students who are admitted may participate in:

  • a certification course, on completion of which they can sit the IELTS language proficiency test;
  • a non-certification course with an internal final test which, if passed, grants access to the certification course in the following semester.

Each 50-hour module is made up of 40 hours of lessons and 10 hours of personalised e-learning support. It is necessary to attend at least 70% of the lessons for each module, except in special circumstances, which will be evaluated by the class teacher.

International certification

The certification courses are followed by the IELTS Academic proficiency test, to be taken after the end of lessons.

AlmaEnglish courses do not envisage the issue of any type of internal certification/attestation of attendance or progress. Only those who take the certification test will obtain an international language proficiency certificate issued by an external certification body (IELTS).

The certificate may be recognised as equivalent to the University's own language proficiency test (prova di idoneità linguistica), if the same level or higher is achieved.

Additional credits for English language proficiency

Students who pass the certification test at the end of the course will obtain three University educational credits, in addition to the number needed in order to graduate. These credits cannot be applied to the degree programme during which they were obtained: in the case of new enrolment for a subsequent degree programme, students can request them to be recognized as one of the optional activities, if included in the study plan. The University educational credits obtained can be viewed on your Studenti Online profile by clicking on “Certificates and self-certifications”; those who have already completed the degree programme during which they obtained the certificate will see the caption “Degree with exams, dates and grades”; those who have not yet graduated will see the caption “Enrolment with exams, dates and grades”.