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Placement test and selection criteria

The initial placement test of linguistic ability is a required part of the process of selecting candidates eligible for admission to the project.

The Placement Test has two sections – Use of English and Listening. The Use of English section assesses students' knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. The Listening section assesses students’ ability to understand conversations and situational contexts.

In order to take the placement test, you must book during the specified period of each semester.

Participants are selected with reference to the results of their placement tests, giving priority to:

  • students whose study plan (for the current or previous academic years) requires English language proficiency that has not yet been recognised or tested successfully;
  • students enrolled in the first year of a first, second or single cycle degree programme;
  • students who,have acquired the highest number of University educational credits for their level and year of enrolment.

AlmaEnglish courses are not available to students:

  • who have already obtained an IELTS certificate via the AlmaEnglish project and/or who have already taken an AlmaEnglish course in preparation for the IELTS test;
  • who apply to graduate on a date prior to completion of the AlmaEnglish course and certification process;
  • whose AlmaEnglish placement test result is lower than B1+.